Touch as a Way of Making Sculpture

Adult Education Course
University of Leicester

Autumn/Spring Terms 95/96

Students at Loughborough Touch as a Way of Making Sculpture was an Adult Education evening course I lead at the University of Leicester during the Autumn and Spring terms 1995/96. The course was open to people of all ages and abilities but was especially aimed at teachers in Leicestershire. On completion of the course students were offered the Richard Attenborough Centre Workshop Certificate.

The aim of the course was to build awareness of how touch could be used as a way of making and appreciating of sculpture. We looked at the gathering of appropriate source material and took time at regular intervals to analyse the work being made, so that students could develop a tactile vocabulary. The Autumn term served as an introduction, during which time students worked with organic forms, sound, music and language as ways of making sculpture through touch. In the Spring term students concentrated on the head and body.

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