Sensation Too

Spectrum Centre Inverness

24 June - 15 July 1999

Sensation Too Poster

While visiting Scotland as part of the Celtic Links Art & Cultural Bursary I mounted two exhibitions in Inverness at the Highland Society for the Blind and the Art Link annual show 'Sensation Too' at the Spectrum Centre. Both exhibitions featured my charcoal drawings of local south Roscommon landscapes as well as images of north Clare.

Using a coloured paper such as yellow, green, blue etc, I cover it in layers of charcoal, then using a putty rubber begin rubbing back the charcoal to reveal the highlights and forms in the landscape I am trying to describe. Sometimes I will use cotton wool to apply light dustings of powdered charcoal to achieve a softer gradation in tones. The use of coloured papers to draw on has been a feature of my work for several years and is very much influenced by my experimentation with filters in photography.

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