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11 July 2002


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I'm Pádraig Naughton an Irish tactile and visual artist and teacher from Ballinasloe County Galway in the Republic of Ireland.

The purpose of this Web Site is to share my work and experiences as an artist. I would also like to stimulate discussion and interest on the involvement of people with a visual impairment as practitioners in the tactile and visual arts.

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On this site you will find information on me and my work. Including biographical information, details of exhibitions, conferences, seminars, residencies and workshops I have participated in. As well as information on research I have done on art and visual impairment.

In addition, you will find contact details for individuals and organisations with similar interests in the tactile and visual arts as well as a list of subject related publications and useful Web links.

From meeting artists with a visual impairment and teachers I have come to realise that there are many individuals and groups around the world who work in isolation, even within their own country. In its present form, I hope this site will serve as a starting point from where you can not alone learn about me and my work, but also learn of other individuals and organisations I have worked with in the past.

I see this web site as being organic, something that will grow and expand in time. Therefore, your comments and suggestions would be very much appreciated. You can contact me by Email at 

Droichead Arts Centre

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Pádraig Naughton
'Villa Nova'
Co. Roscommon

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